Ergonomics (Work Related Disorders)

In the UK alone, about 6 Billion Pounds is lost on account of reduced productivity each year to work related musculo-skeletal injuries. Many of these are caused by poor working practices and are therefore ultimately preventable.

Ergonomics is a science which primarily aims to prevent any mismatch in an individual's capability and the job that they are required to do.

We at ‘Realign’ specialize in providing onsite assessment and training in ergonomics. Our services for the corporates include,


  • Workshops & Training

- Creating awareness of ergonomics at workplace
- Back to work – Back care awareness
- Neck and Seating Postures
- Preventive care for Lifestyle related issues
- Special workshop for 28+ women at the work place
- Special Workshop on Elite 2 & 4 Wheels – for executives driving for 1 hour or more every day

  • Consultancy

- Workplace assessment from Ergonomics point of view
  a. Work Height assessment
  b. Workstation layouts
  c. Vehicle Assessment
- Recommendations on lighting, illumination, positioning of workstation, room layout, optimum positioning of work equipment in multi-user offices, work flow optimization.